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왓츠앱으로 전화가 온다. Sushma다.
전화를 받자 Sushma와 Nipun, Nihkil이 생일 축하 노래를 불러준다.

Sushma는 더 큰집으로 이사했고 회사는 팔았다고 한다. 언제 결혼하냐고 결혼식에 갈 거니까 빨리 결혼하란다.
Nihkil은 예전에 내가 알던 Nihkil이 아니다. 목소리는 변성기가 지나 굵어졌고 말투도 완전히 성인 같다. 내년에는 대학에 간단다. 너무 빨리 커버렸다.
Nipun은 여전하다. 대학에서 요리를 배우는데 할 줄 아는 건 밥이란다. 그냥 밥. 김밥하고 스시도 만들 거란다.

언제든 영국에 오라고 한다. 비행기 티켓도 사주고 머물 방도 내줄 테니 시간 내서 몸만 오라고 한다. 나는 당신들의 가족이나 마찬가지니 부담 갖지 말고 말만 하란다.
참, 고마운 사람들.

7년 전, 영국에 머물 때가 떠오른다.
Nipun의 carer로 처음 그들의 집에 도착했을 때가 아직도 생생하다. 너무나 반갑게 나를 맞이해줬고 피곤했지만 잘 되지도 않는 영어로 새벽까지 소파에 앉아 얘기를 나눴다.
7개월 동안 그들과 동고동락하면서 참 많은 일들이 있었다. 좋은 일도 많았지만 힘든 일도 많았다. 중간에 포기하고 싶은 적도 많았다.

그럼에도 포기하지 않았다. 그때는 정말 단순했고 순수했고 진지했고 열정적이었다. 한 가지만 생각하고 고민하고 부딪혔다.
끝내 그들은 내 진성성을 인정해줬고 나는 가족의 신뢰를 얻었다. 그리고 서로에게 좋은 추억으로 남았다.

전화 한통 받고 한없이 감상적이 되는 하루.


First of all I would like to say a big thanks to you for all the contributions you have given to our family. Before you came to live with us I was very anxious and not sure how you would fit in with out family. Within an hour of your arrival I started to feel very comfortable with your presence. Since then you have been part of our family. I never felt you were from different culture, or outsider.

In the beginning, Like any mother, I was nervous when you were with Nipun on your own and will be worried. It did not take long to trust you. It was nice to see you both getting close to each other and developing a good relationship.

Nipun started to trust you & moreover I started to have confidence in your ability. It was not an easy process for any of us but I think the understanding and the trust made it quite easy for all of us.

What really surpried me that Nikhil got very close to you. Nikhil usually takes times and choose people he can be close to and fortunately you are one of those. He looked at you as his older brothers and learned a lot. You have been like an older brother to both my sons and I am sorry that sometimes I acted like your mother which might have annoyed you. But that tells how we all felt about you.

You will be missed a lot. the house will seem very strange without you. Evertime we will go in your room it will remind us of you but I will definately get rid of the Korean food smell. hahaha..
I am sure we have all learned something from each other and hope you have enjoyed the experience of being part of our family.
I wish you all the best for your future ventures. Do what will you a happy man and look after your loved ones. And moreover earn a lot of money to keep your girlfriend/wife happy. Ha Ha Ha…
you will keep anyone happy because you are a caring person.
Do come back to visit us. You will always be welcomed.
We all love you and will miss you,

Sushma & Jai


Good Luck Jaewon you. Aka Won in your studies In your travels I hope to come to Korea next year and I hope you come back to London In 2012/2013 in time to see the olympics haha Things I will never forget about you.
Your the guy who made a difference, can do magic ,
fix everything. go on thrilling roller coasters etc But unfortunately
you cant go on wet rides and I hope you dont forget these things about me: Remembering Birthdays, Going to meet Friends,
Going to London, Eating TGI, Going to Heathrow. Going on DLR

Nipun NipNip Sharma


You have taught me so many things in the past 7 months.
You have taken me to places, playes games with me, and many more things. I feel I have not given in return so I give you this.
It is a little thank-you present for being a great carer, friend and brother. I wish you a happy life with your family. It has been a great time!

Lots of Love- Nikhil 🙂

P.S:”I’ll miss you!”

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